Useful Resources

For Patients

You will need a referral from your General Practitioner prior to being seen by Dr Lusumbami in her rooms. At your initial visit, Dr Lusumbami will perform a detailed assessment, go over your test results from your local Doctor and request further tests as needed. She will explain the diagnosis, discuss and guide you through the management options so your choice of treatment is individualised to your unique needs. If you need surgery as treatment, Dr Lusumbami will explain the procedure and risks, and arrange for your surgery at either Noosa Hospital or Selangor Private hospital.

Please bring the following to your appointments:

  • GP referral letter
  • Blood test and imaging results if you have copies
  • Medicare card /DVA card/ Private Health Insurance details
  • List of current medications

For Referring Doctors

Referrals to Dr Lusumbami can be through Medical Objects, Fax or Email. If you would like to discuss a referral please contact Dr Lusumbami's Noosa Hospital Consulting Suites on (07)54559459 or Selangor Specialist Consulting Suites Hospital Consulting Suites on (07)54416477 and your call will be put through to her.